Recording and Mixing Amazing Grace

My ongoing relationship with the delightful Shedd family is continuing. After recording their recital, they approached me with this request. One of the daughters participates in pageants. Part of the pageant competition is a talent. The idea is that her talent would be to dance ballet to a song that she recorded, essentially being a double talent. Pretty cool idea, really. Read more »

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Recording Session: Classical Recital

I recently had the opportunity to record my daughter’s first harp recital with her new instructor. The instructor is a high school student from a very large family in which both parents and many of the kids teach private lessons. The recital included performances from many of their students including violin, viola, piano, and harp, as well as a large ensemble performance from the family itself. Read more »

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Midwinter Rose 1 – Writing

As promised, here is an update from the Christmas CD. I have completed writing the next piece, this time a medley of In the Bleak Midwinter, Lo How a Rose ‘Ere Blooming, In Dulci Jubilo and Gaudete – all of which are very old Christmas Hymns with In the Bleak Midwinter being the most recent at 1911. I have great memories of singing Lo How a Rose in high school madrigals.

The arrangement begins quietly, with the Bleak Midwinter and Lo How a Rose reflections on the Nativity intertwined, and then gets more joyful with In Dulci Jubilo and Gaudete. The flow worked out even better than I had hoped when I grouped these carols together for this arrangement. Read more »

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Bethlehem Suite 1. Handmaid Published

Anativity_9924cfter much blood, sweat, tears, consternation, anger, begging, and finally acceptance, I have published the first completed track for Moments of Comfort and Joy. As mentioned in an earlier post, this is the first movement in a three movement piece I’m calling the Bethlehem Suite. Each movement will reflect a different aspect of the Nativity: Mary, Joseph and the atmosphere of that night. Read more »

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HOFA Mix Contest Update: I Lost!

M0374I heard back from HOFA about the mix contest I entered after Christmas. To no surprise they informed me that I was not selected as the winner of the contest. What I didn’t expect, however, was a fairly comprehensive mix analysis from the contest hosts. It turns out one of the businesses HOFA is involved in is an audio school. Apparently they provided this mix analysis to every entrant. Read more »

Production Diary

HOFA Mix Contest

600XMASbandI have long advocated that the best, nay, only way to become a better music mixer is to practice. I have also privately lamented that I don’t myself take the time to practice more – see, I’m always too busy making my own music. A worthy endeavor, indeed, but I work so slowly that there’s just not that much music to mix. Enter HOFA. Read more »

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A New Direction

Angels Screenshot 1Last winter I began a series of posts concerning the writing of my new Christmas project, Moments of Comfort and Joy. It sat on the back burner for most of the year as I’ve concentrated on other interests including more work for Carol Anne (which is now on hiatus), a rather comprehensive progressive rock demo of a previously acoustic song for a good friend, and another personal project I’m not quite ready to divulge. Read more »


My Fortress Recording

KeysSo, several months of preproduction (we work slow) led to the big night – and, as promised, moments of sheer panic and we learn the truth about electric guitar.


It all started a couple of weeks before, not with arrangements or rehearsals (see last entry for all of that) but rather the collection of all the gear I would need to record this audacious group. When I recorded my own live CD 10 years ago I hired a dude who could record 24 separate tracks at once. He used a splitter to split all the inputs to the board and recorded everyone into a dedicated 24-track hard disk recorder. Read more »

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My Fortress Preproduction

CarolAnne-RonnieLeeThe big night has come and gone! This past Saturday was our live recording of My Fortress with a full band in front of a live congregation. It was a cool night, but first, let’s talk about how we got here. Read more »

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What’s New on the Pod

IpodsIn the past I’ve posted two articles about music recording and music business related podcasts. An unfortunate truth is that podcasts tend to be fairly short lived affairs and almost all of the pods I recommended in those previous two articles are no longer being produced. The happy exception to that is one my favorites, the AudioNowcast. Nine years strong they’ve added some new regular panelists – notably Bobby Owsinski the recording and producing author and educator; and Nick Peck, a sound designer/composer for Disney’s mobile apps division. Read more »