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My Fortress Preproduction

The big night has come and gone! This past Saturday was our live recording of My Fortress with a full band in front of a live congregation. It [..]

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What’s New on the Pod

In the past I’ve posted two articles about music recording and music business related podcasts. An unfortunate truth is that podcasts tend to be fairly short lived affairs [..]


Bethlehem Suite 1. Handmaid

Well, I finally stole some time away and forced myself to ignore all the e-mails and blog posts and do a little real writing. A week or two [..]

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Manger Medley – the Beginnings

With a break between producing my first and second songs for Carol Anne, I’m taking some time to work on my Christmas project. I’ve spent a little more [..]

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I Adore You Part 2 – Mixing and Video

If you are here from yesterday’s post about recording this song, I will warn you that today’s post is going to get a bit technical and geeky. That’s [..]

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I Adore You Part 1 – Recording

I was contacted last fall by a worship leader at a small church in North Carolina near where I live in Virginia to help her produce some original [..]

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Moments of Comfort and Joy: Conception

Okay, it’s time to start a new project. Ever since I released Moments With Him I’ve been mulling over the next one. I’ve had multiple requests for a [..]

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Recording Session – Drums

Drums are one of the hardest instruments to record. Ask anyone who’s done it. Drum kits are comprised of anywhere from 3 to 10 or more pieces, but [..]

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10 Things I Love About My Wife

I beg you, gentle readers, to indulge me in this off topic post. This was inspired by a recent question on Quora asking what are the 10 things [..]

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Happy Day

Happy Day is a song that I wrote for a songwriting competition in 2014. While I didn’t win anything, it was remarkable fun to write, record and mix. [..]

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