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Charlie Peacock Sampler

No Man’s Land is a new album from long time Christian music and Indie-folk producer Charlie Peacock, working with the likes of Amy Grant, Switchfoot and The Civil [..]

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Quill is the first release by the band Bison. Bison is a 7-piece band that kind of defies genre-pigeonholing, but I’m going to give it a try. They [..]

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Spinning the Compass

Spinning the Compass is a Steampunk project by Tom Slatter. Before I can review the music, I think a little bit on Steampunk is in order, as I [..]

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In Elven Lands: The Fellowship

Hopefully this is the first of what will be multiple CD reviews. Unfortunately, I buy new music so infrequently that this will not be a feature that appears [..]

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