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Medley: Peace

When I was seeking out what songs and hymns to put on this project, I asked my dear grandmother what were some of her favorites. She gave me [..]

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Creating and Mixing a Kickstarter Video

Many years ago the arts were funded by a system of Patronage. The wealthy, including royalty and the church, would support artists that they liked – composers, painters, [..]

Hymn CD Project

Release Schedule

  Seems like a long time since I began this project. I’ll recap a bit more thoroughly when I’m actually releasing, but, I’ve chosen a release date – [..]

Hymn CD Project

MIDI Mock-UP vs. Live Comparison

I’ve mentioned in previous posts about how I set off recording these instrumental tracks. I generally start with a MIDI Mock-up to set the arrangement and parts, and then [..]

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CD Release Update

Wow, we are beginning to round the corner to the home stretch. If you’ve followed these posts about writing and recording Moments With Him, you know that I [..]

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Moments with Him CD Artwork

I’ve completed the draft artwork for the CD and case.  Click on any photo to enlarge it. The concept is largely centered around a medieval/Renaissance feel. The cover [..]

Hymn CD Project

Supporting the Music and CD Update

I’m pleased to announce that there is now a way to support my musical endeavors without it costing anyone a penny. I have become an Amazon Affiliate. All [..]

Hymn CD Project

Recording Session: Handbells

I’m not sure where I came up with the idea that I wanted to use handbells on this project. I think I may have been browsing Youtube, watching [..]

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My Jesus I Love Thee

My Jesus I Love Thee started out as a poem written in 1864 by William Ralph Featherston. In 1876, Adoniram Gordon added the melody. I first became aware [..]

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How Great Thou Art

This one was more difficult than expected. How Great Thou Art started as a Swedish poem in the late 1800’s, written by Carl Gustav Boberg. The melody is [..]

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