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Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Okay, I couldn’t resist. The song has been posted:

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Back on Track – Mixdown

Having successfully completed the emergency mix, I’ve been able to get back to moving forward on Praise to the Lord the Almighty. As of this writing, I’m almost [..]

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Moving from the Technology to the Art

I’m not sure how many posts have promised a look at the actual rendering of the music. I admit that we’ve gotten a bit wrapped up in the [..]

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Making Music

I’ve run into some interesting issues in rendering Praise to the Lord the Almighty. First, there are two ways of turning MIDI data into music. The first and more obvious way [..]

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Render unto God that which is God’s

render (v) to cause to be or become; to represent or depict; to bring out the meaning of by performance or execution.

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How to Compose Music – Step 1, Compose some Music

As of last night, the writing of music is substantially complete! That is, all the parts are placed and in order, and I am reasonably happy with the [..]

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Putting It All Together

It’s been a little while since my past post, largely because of another live gig getting in the way. This time is was percussion for a youth music [..]

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The Nitty Gritty

As promised, here are some of the technical details and what I’ve learned from using Finale to sequence this “mini-concerto.” First, installing Finale from two CD-ROMs takes a [..]

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A New Project

So, you’re probably thinking that I should finish some of my other projects before I tackle a new one. Well, that’s not really the way I work. I [..]

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