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Recording and Mixing Amazing Grace

My ongoing relationship with the delightful Shedd family is continuing. After recording their recital, they approached me with this request. One of the daughters participates in pageants. Part [..]

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Bethlehem Suite 1. Handmaid Published

After much blood, sweat, tears, consternation, anger, begging, and finally acceptance, I have published the first completed track for Moments of Comfort and Joy. As mentioned in an [..]

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HOFA Mix Contest

I have long advocated that the best, nay, only way to become a better music mixer is to practice. I have also privately lamented that I don’t myself [..]

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I Adore You Part 2 – Mixing and Video

If you are here from yesterday’s post about recording this song, I will warn you that today’s post is going to get a bit technical and geeky. That’s [..]

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Happy Day

Happy Day is a song that I wrote for a songwriting competition in 2014. While I didn’t win anything, it was remarkable fun to write, record and mix. [..]

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How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice, man, practice! We all know that if we want to get better at playing an instrument (or a sport, for that matter) we need to practice. Malcom [..]

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Best of the Web – How to Use Subtractive EQ

EQ is one of the fundamental tools in the mixer’s arsenal. When asked if he couldn’t live without compression or EQ, recording and mixing educator Joe Gilder replied [..]

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Mix Stories

I don’t know about you, but I love the stories that go with the creation of classic songs. We’re so lucky that not one, but two music and [..]

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Going Home

I remember lying in bed in a hotel room in Rochester, Minnesota, back in 2007. We were visiting my in-laws, and that was the week that I arranged [..]

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Stereo Widening VST Shootout

In my last post, I wrote about the use of a stereo widener and my panning┬ádecisions┬áconcerning┬áthe string section in My Father’s World. At the end of that post [..]

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