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Wexford Carol Arranging

The Wexford Carol dates back to the 12th century from Wexford County, Ireland. I was first introduced to it on a little-known indie Christmas project called Blues for [..]

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I Adore You Part 1 – Recording

I was contacted last fall by a worship leader at a small church in North Carolina near where I live in Virginia to help her produce some original [..]

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My Jesus I Love Thee

My Jesus I Love Thee started out as a poem written in 1864 by William Ralph Featherston. In 1876, Adoniram Gordon added the melody. I first became aware [..]

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How Great Thou Art

This one was more difficult than expected. How Great Thou Art started as a Swedish poem in the late 1800’s, written by Carl Gustav Boberg. The melody is [..]

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Interlude: Serene

Here is the latest of the musical interludes that will be interspersed between the various hymns on my upcoming project, Moments with Him. This one is in C-minor, [..]

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Interlude: Peaceful

My first mix to come out of my Steinway recording session is an Interlude, subtitled Peaceful. I have a number of back issues of Keyboard magazine from the [..]

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Recording Session: Piano

What a great Columbus day! I’ve been planning this session since, like, May. It all started last February when my daughter’s speech and debate club hosted a tournament [..]

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Said Goodbye to an Old Friend Tonight

I tuned the Yamaha grand at church for the last time tonight. Even if the gentleman coming tomorrow to look at it doesn’t buy it, it shouldn’t need [..]

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