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Control Freak

Recently I posted about my cello issues with My Jesus, I Love Thee. To recap, the problem was that once a note was played, it was static save [..]

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Save Early, Save Often

I finally found some time Wednesday night to work on my music. I played hooky from church and my wife and kids went, so I had the house [..]

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Back on Track – Mixdown

Having successfully completed the emergency mix, I’ve been able to get back to moving forward on Praise to the Lord the Almighty. As of this writing, I’m almost [..]

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As mentioned in my last post, I knew I would be temporarily sidetracked from my ongoing projects. I needed to put together an emergency track for a funeral. [..]

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When the recording was complete, we had 14 different drum hits and one sound effect, each with 10-15 samples of increasing volume, each with 3-4 takes. That’s a lot of samples. [..]

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Djembe Recording Demystified

The first part of creating a brand new soundont is the collection of the raw samples. In this case I wanted to sample an African drum called a [..]

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First entry for this song, so here’s the backstory: Amen Music and Words by Me (except Chorus – public domain) Several years ago I was inspired to add [..]

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