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Wexford Carol Arranging

The Wexford Carol dates back to the 12th century from Wexford County, Ireland. I was first introduced to it on a little-known indie Christmas project called Blues for [..]

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HOFA Mix Contest

I have long advocated that the best, nay, only way to become a better music mixer is to practice. I have also privately lamented that I don’t myself [..]

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Happy Day

Happy Day is a song that I wrote for a songwriting competition in 2014. While I didn’t win anything, it was remarkable fun to write, record and mix. [..]

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Medley: Peace

When I was seeking out what songs and hymns to put on this project, I asked my dear grandmother what were some of her favorites. She gave me [..]

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Mix Stories

I don’t know about you, but I love the stories that go with the creation of classic songs. We’re so lucky that not one, but two music and [..]

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Interlude: Serene

Here is the latest of the musical interludes that will be interspersed between the various hymns on my upcoming project, Moments with Him. This one is in C-minor, [..]

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Beyond the Horizon

My buddy Will has published again, and this time it’s his most ambitious song yet. It’s a 10+ minute prog rock epic with changing time signatures, face-blistering guitar [..]

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Home Recording Podcasts Redux

Since my first post on Podcasts that concentrate on aspects of home recording, I’ve discovered a few more that are worth passing on.

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Every Day

My wife celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago. It also happened to be the 20th anniversary of our engagement. I’ve been wanting to write for her a [..]

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This Is My Father’s World

Skip to the end if you don’t like the technical details… The lyrics to this hymn were written in 1901 by Pastor Maltbie Babcock who would hike in [..]

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