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Recording Session: Cello

Today I had the pleasure of recording cellist BJ Griffin for my upcoming project, Moments with Him. We connected via a Craigslist ad I posted looking for a [..]

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Recording Session – Frenchie Leimiux

Wilfred “Frenchie” Leimiux has been playing guitar in bands slightly longer than I have been alive. I first met him when we began attending our new church here [..]

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Recording Session: Piano

What a great Columbus day! I’ve been planning this session since, like, May. It all started last February when my daughter’s speech and debate club hosted a tournament [..]

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Recording Session: Violin

I had my third scheduled recording session Sunday after church. My wife took the kids out to lunch and shopping so Dena and I would have a quiet [..]

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Recording Session: Recorders

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve now had the second of some 5 recording sessions I have lined up this summer and into fall, all in support [..]

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Recording Session: Dulcimer

Took advantage of a quiet house this morning to lay down some tracks on my Appalachian Dulcimer that I got in a trade for some piano work several years ago. [..]

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The Interface Saga

When I first got into computer audio recording, I was using the old Dell family computer and it’s stock Soundblaster card. My small mixer was plugged into the [..]

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Beyond the Horizon

My buddy Will has published again, and this time it’s his most ambitious song yet. It’s a 10+ minute prog rock epic with changing time signatures, face-blistering guitar [..]

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Project Studio Upgrades, Pt. 2 – Preamps and Channel Strips

This is the second installment of my studio upgrade series. Part 1: Microphones Part 3: Keyboards, Synths and Controllers Part 4: Mixers and Audio Interfaces Part 5: Computers, [..]

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Project Studio Upgrades, Pt. 1 – Microphones

I’m baaack. My life has been in transition for the last several months, but I’m now at a point where I have some free time on my hands. [..]

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