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Strings and Stereo Widening

Back when I recorded and mixed This is My Father’s World, I mentioned that I used a stereo widener on the string section. I also panned the strings [..]

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Recording Session: Dulcimer

Took advantage of a quiet house this morning to lay down some tracks on my Appalachian Dulcimer that I got in a trade for some piano work several years ago. [..]

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Beyond the Horizon

My buddy Will has published again, and this time it’s his most ambitious song yet. It’s a 10+ minute prog rock epic with changing time signatures, face-blistering guitar [..]

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A Little Bach

In previous posts I had mentioned wishing I could get the Garritan Stradivari and Gofriller Cello instruments, but, alas, they are discontinued. There is hope that they will [..]

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Kidz Praise

At my church, the kids under 5th grade have their own service (under 3 in the nursery). I’m the music coordinator for the rugrats, and what we do [..]

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Summer Tales

I enjoy helping people record their music, especially when they have no other route. Family friends Nicole and Kayley White fall into that category. Nicole is a young [..]

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An Orchestra All My Own

My new software arrived the day after Christmas. Unfortunately, I had to wait until the following Monday to go to the post office to pick it up (out [..]

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Father’s World Tracking Finally Completed

Really? Done? Sort of – maybe.

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New Gear

In the four weeks since my last post I haven’t done a whole lot of musical things. I certainly am not ready to publish My Jesus I Love [..]

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