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MIDI Mock-UP vs. Live Comparison

I’ve mentioned in previous posts about how I set off recording these instrumental tracks. I generally start with a MIDI Mock-up to set the arrangement and parts, and then [..]

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Release Samples for Soundfonts

While I’m on the subject of soundfont editing, I discovered something interesting last night while working on my current track. But first, I need to give a quick follow-up [..]

Soundfont Editing

Soundfont Editing for Wind Controllers

I know, – dry, bland title. I promise that the next one will be back to my usual, moderately witty appellations.

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Da Bomb, or just a bomb

I got the next two syllables in on Tuesday night – Gun and Dun. I saved the soundfont and tried to load it into the Creative Soundfont manager. [..]

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Pa and Ta Are In

A couple of quick things that I learned tonight – I can’t figure out how to delete samples from an instrument in Synthfont Viena – I accidentally imported [..]

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Learning Curve

It was a busy Easter, so I didn’t get much done in the way of music or soundfont creation. I did work a bit tonight, so wanted to [..]

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Velocity Test Update

Well, I’ve just performed a velocity test playing a standard MIDI set of congas. When I laid back, almost none of my velocities were under 90. When I [..]

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Finally Moving On

Last night I finally finished the “slicing and dicing” of the samples. I didn’t keep accurate track (I wish I had) of how long it exactly took, but [..]

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Slice and Dice

I began slicing up the individual samples tonight. It’s going to take a while – two hours worth of work and I’m not quite 1/4 of the way done. I’m using [..]

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When the recording was complete, we had 14 different drum hits and one sound effect, each with 10-15 samples of increasing volume, each with 3-4 takes. That’s a lot of samples. [..]

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